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"drive on and do good." gooo." a baltimore man give the full serving his country.the tough road his friends are travelling in dealing with his death. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------- finding a job in this economy is tough. tough. 3&hhgh school friends shut the doors we'll introddce you to a person who'll show you how to et back on your feet and back to work. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------- 3 plus, a woman goes berzerk she targeted this priceless hy - painting destruction. -------------------------------- -------------- good evening, i'm jeff bel. abell. and i'm karen parks. a baltimore soldier payy
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the ultimaae price. price. specialist jameel freeman was fighting in &pkeith daniels is here with more tonight on the salute to a fallen soldier, keith. keith. jeff..... freeman was in the national puard reserve at age 19.. beeorr joining the army.. not too long ago. tonight.. his tour of duty is fatally cut short.............and mourning a loss. these are difficult days or del rawlings..... the former army sergeant with thee tough exterior.... now death...... (rawlings) "i got the message and i droppee my phone.....".........rawlings has learned his longtime duty in afghnistan.. militaryyofficials told preeman's family thursday.. that he and several other soldiers were killed when their vehicle hit a roadsiie bomb. freeman was 26.
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(rawlings) "weel, it was like somebody put a hole in my heart. he was like a son, like a younger brooher and son to me."".........freeman is children, including 2-year-old janessa. hhs wife unable to speak publicly about hr hussand's death. ............the yyung soldier graduated from walbrook high school..... met rawlings at 19 at the univeesity of maryland mediial center where the two worked as seccrity guurds. ...........friends became ffmilyy.....(rawlings) "he was the life of the party, you know happy go lucky.. always eager to learn...." fact, freemaa wanted to learn martial arts.....(ááááquick nats up full: frreman marital arts workoutáááá.........he learned prom rawlinns.. a martial arts master at rawlings' black &ptiger martial-arts studio in windsor mill. freeman joined the army nearly two years ago..... .........rawlings taaked to him on he phone.. just tww weeks ago.. about martial arts.. and amily.(rawlings) "and iitold him that i love
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him and "drive on and do good." that's my motto. from when i was a sergeant n tte army, i tell my troops, you know they ssy it gets hard, it &psad, i say "drive on and do &pexactly what i told him and that's the last i heard from hhm." freemaa's body arrived toddy at dover air force base in delaware...........his wife was there........meantime, .......funeral arrangements have not been made. keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. uus offiiials re desperately searching for a maryland man tonighh who is kiinapped at gunpoint while working in pakistan. pakistan. workinn for a virginia en - consulting firm when kidnappers knocked on his door early thii morning. the u-s embassy says the three men first offered food and then pulled weapons....overpowerrnn three guards attthe home. so far, o one has claimed responsbility for the incident. weinstein was slated to return to maryland next week &pdaughters. this affernoon in the
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midst of heavy rain.....two people are hit by a car ii southeast last word..... one person is belleved to be a child.... child.... here in southeast he corner of east fayette and north milton avenue......two pedestrians are hit by a car...... police say at least one is aachild.....(55300)and when i seen the little boy he looked unconscious like he was just dead left on the ground.... pumpkin davis says......she tried to console the child.....before parmedics arrived....and rushed both pedestrians to hopkinss hospital....(53:24)its very ii the driver of the car.......who remained on the scene until police arrived....(3:099im the driver's mother did not want to be iientified.....but she tells us.....her son called (3:24)he was ddiving through ..- &pthe green light when this parent and a child went running across the street ann says her son then described
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what happened next.....(3:41) the boy flew up and broke the fronn window...... the mother ays.....there was also a person in the passenggr's all haapening.....agine this - no word on whether or not charges will be filed against the driverr...however.... police sayyweather may have been a factor... 3 the family of fallen police raising more questions tonight after seeing the video of ttat deadly shhoting. shooting. this was the view outside the selecttlounge inn &pearly january. the video shows how the killing went doww.... a fight breaks out and officers draw their weapoos on officer torbit who was working innplain clothes that night.. when the gunfire ended, two people were dead including officer torbit. his sister, who watched the video this week, says someone should pay. (torbit) "i see another officer come over oo top f him, shoot again.." again.."(torbit) "this wassa crime. officer torbit waa murdered. you can say he was acting in just cause, you were doing your job. but iffthis
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is doing your joob something needs to be done." &pdone."(torbit) "but even if tthat wasn't my brother, if that was somebody else, this is not justifiaale to me, it reaaly isn't." isnnt." an independent panel of laa enforcement eeperts is also reviewing theecase.... that report is expected by september..... 3 the fbb raided the house of &pthe man suspected of being involved in the death of a maryland wooan in aruba. from gary giordano's home in - gaithersburg. he's being investigated in the disappearance of robyn gardner. records show giordano has faced accusations of violence against women n the past. his first wife accused him of abuse and anotherrwoman accused him of threatening her and secretly videotaping their sexual encoonters. a baatimore county familyyis death.ii happened in the how middle of the day....whill many family members were at hom. hooe.the o'steen family says they've had a few complaints about their 3 year old lab-
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potweiller mix barking... but it doesn't expllin why someone would open their gatt....walk to the front porch and kiil their dog. &pthe family says the stab woun was three inches widee...and the attackers llft a traillof blood behind. "i mean it as so heartless whaa they did, even the vet was surprised by ow bad the woond was, if they could hurt a dog that like, what would they do to a child or sommone elle" 3 and the family is asking for your help.if you have any're urged to call baltimore county police. is there a fire burning todayy almost everyone noticed the heavy smell of smooe hanging thick in the air. air. some new information that has 3n. -'s going on. - six thousand acre brush fire - great
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dismal swamp in southeast virginia --only ten percent containnd.. 3 coming up in weather we'll have a lookkat the rainshowers they'll knock down the smoke. starting tommrrow...maryland shoppprs will get break on manyof their back to school purccasessas john ryyell reports...that'' the start of maryland's tax free shopping week... 3 ttinking 'back to school'...
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retailers are towsontown center...they're gearing up for week of tax think it's great, i did it lasttyear nd think it'' gives us a ittle iicentive, it gives the shoppers a oost and appreciate t." starting this sunday...youuwon't have to pay clothing and footwear... uuddr 100-dollars.and some rrtailers...are hoping to capitalize on that promotion. (martinez) "we're having all new back o school sales we're having new merchandise fromm our new fall line and then our tax free week starts, we'ree very excited."and whhle taa free hopping could cost the &pstate...between 0 and 15-million dollars in revenue.. state comptroller peter franchot...sayssthe state can absorb the losss (franchot) "we're hopingthht it will stimulate shoppinn in local businesses because tte businesses need the help and stunneddnow by the events of phe last week."(ryyell) "but
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before you get to the mall, are taxeddand ax exempt. for example this tie is still taxed but ttis sport coat andd shiit aae tax frre asslong as they cost under $100."aad to shoppers...any financial welcomed. (hill) "we find hat ww go to delaware ometimes to avoid paying the salesstax so a good idea, they should have 3 it more often actually."at towsontoon centee...john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. for a complete list of items which are exempt from thesalls tax...log onto our website.... cllck the ravens have a new umberr long derrick mason, hello lee evans.the newest baltimore ravee hitting thee practtce field today.morgan adsit joins us now with a ravvns report, morran. morgaa. yes he's got p5...but don't counn on receiver lee evans to eep it. he doesn't wwnt it.evans wants his old numbee, 83 or a nee
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one. but that wwsn't his biggest concern was just petting on the field.yesterday pvans was about to board a plane from buffalo to chicagoo &pfor the bills first preseason game ith the bearss...but insteed, he got a honn call paying he had beee tradee to &pthe ravens for a 4th rounn control... buttone he wanted.. and aftee that call it's been none stop for evaas. &punlimited...morr on evans.and what receiver says thii move takes the ressure off every offensive player.that's at 11-50, back to you. p the sports world remembers one of its brightest stars today..... former baltimore colt johnnmackey died last month after a battle
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with dementia. janice park was there today when players, fans, and family memberr paid pheir respects. outside this north baltiiore and players &paaike....came to support sylvia mackey...the woman who sttoddbesiie hhr husbandduntil the very end. enn."she just agonized that most americans not jjst baltimorians they never got to knoo the rue john mackey"when john mackey tarteddwith the baltimore colts in 60'ss...he became one of the best tight ends in history.his speed and &pstrength gainnd him entry int the pro football hall oo fame. &p" just imagine stepping in the huddle with john mackeyy yet he treated me like a brother"ravens general manager ozzie newsome said mackey took risks. he tepped out. he was willing to be different. diffeeent.""ven during retiremenn mackey fouggt for player's rights. he helped organize a strike that got players 11 million dolllrs in pensions and other bennfits"
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hh became the nfl players association's first presidentt president."football's pootball, you get hit"but now some are woodering how those the game...contributed to the - tight end's baatle with moore recalls those last few vi: visits:"it was difficult, there wasn't much of a response, he was just there, &pand that urt" hurt""i grewwup a baltimore colts fan as a kid and john &pmackey was one of my guys"nfl commissioner roger goodell... goodeel..."he's making the world a better plan, even now" from the commissioner, to former the fans: fans:"i'm here out of respect, it's tough to talk about" the nfl player's association created the 88 plan named affer ackey's number. it was a program
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championed by his wife sylvia. and provides playerr who suffer from dementia 88 thousand dollars per year for nursing home care. want to see more from mackey's memorial. we've put up the unedited ceremonyyon &pour website. justthead to fox bbltimore dot com and &pclick onnthe link for raa news. i'm jeff barnd. we have new justice. find out where it stops... and who will be highlighted.. nextt things are getting out of control in downtown philly.... the threat to ccacking down... it's like lookingg back n time. what this tree witnessed that has researchers jumping at a chance for new pnformation. 3
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and help police put another - wanted suspect behind bars.... jeff barnd iss standing by with thhs week's wheel of justice. justicc. aal new suspects tonight...on the wheel of justice. we spin the wheel... and where it stops determines who we highlight. thee we open in with tips. so yoo can call - sewell is wanted on two counts of burglary and one count of assault. ack in july.. ssweel went to his ex- girlfriend's houss on cottage avenue neaa springhill aaenue. pollce say he kicked in the door. once inside the locatton, he located her, an arguement ensued. he punched her in the face. his ex- girlfriend had at least one
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bruise frrm the attack.again as we've seen too many time thingg of this nature start oot with just a basic escalates into something more serious. at worst, we've had like this. having said that we want to get mr. seweel off the street. ptreet. you can helppput ddayne sewell behind bars. if you our hotline tt410-637-8970.. we'll be back next saturday with more suspectss. and justice.. its happening inna flash.... and now police in philadelphia are cracking down on flash mobs that are wreaking havoc in the city. city. police are enforcing a 9 pm curfew on the last night they arrested almost two dozen teenagers..... he city launched the crack down aater several tourists wereebeaten and robbed by the flash mmbs. thooe ho break the curfew could be fined up to three-hundred dollars. a virginia woman has been
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arrested again for attacking the natiinal gallery. gallery. this oil painttng by henryymattsse was the victim. it is called plumed hat and valued at two point five million dollars. susan burns of alexandria allegedly ripped the painting off the the wall. she damaged the t frame but the painting is alright. in april she punched an 80 million dollar go-gan saying the nudity was woull burn it.dren and thht she a vehicle oes out off control in columbia and seeds an elderly motorist diving into a pool. 66-hunnred carlinda avenue early this morning.... where the car was submerged in chest deep water.. it careened all the way down this steep &phill and slammed inno the bottom of the pool. fire crews cut the top off the elderly woman. she was still conscious when they lifteddher out and raced her to ssock trauma. there's condition... baltimore will be &plosing some of its political &ppower...when new districts will be drawn this year.
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year.when the redistricing goes into effect in 2015...there will e fewer lawmakers representing baltimore.that's becaase the city's population hassbben dwindling. based on population...this means some delegatts willlbe lost.there will be a ddzen public forums to get input from citizens. "we want to minimize thht draw lines in a way that keeps neeghhorhoods with a voice in a" annapolis" here will be 11 more public forums across the state. its the firss contest of the political season and it won todays straw oll in iowa, narrowly defeating ron paul. ppul. it's not an official baalot, but ii is an indicator of the strength of a campaign. the iowa straw poll requiree candiiates too bus in suppooteessand then convince thhm to cast a ballot with their name on it. the official start of the rimary
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season is till five months away. hile they were polling in iowa, another politician was announcing in souuh carolina... rick perry is throwing his haa in the ring. ring.i believe in ameriia. believe in her purpose nd her promise believe her best days have not yet been lived. i believe her grratest deeds are reserved for the gennrations to come. comm. perry is of thh fiild with mitt romney. a federal appeals court rules president's ealth care law is unccnstitutional. in a two-to--ne decision, the 11th circuit court ruled that congress exxeeeed its powers when it required people to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. the judges called it a dangeeous expaasion of power... 6 states are &psuing to stop the law. the ruling almost guarantees that the case will be heard by the 3 good news for drivers, gas prices are going down. down.
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the verage price in the city is 3.52 for a gallon of regullr unleaded. many prices are well bblow the average and are expected to go lower. the sluggiih ecooomy is dragging down the price of &poil and in turn savinn you money at the pump. 3 absoluue lowest prices closest to youu head to fox baltimore dot com and click on our ppmp patrol link. the lasttsurvvvors of the civil war are long gone but there are still witnesses. in fact in gettysburg, there's beennan amazing even researchers. researchers.
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the discovery was made august fourth, s workers were waa leaninggagainst a boulder. as a rrlic of the battte of gettysburg, the tree added to the museum s will be - collections at ettyyburgg national miliiary park. a rainy day in ballimore. baltimore. but will it clear by tomorrow...? tomorrow.... meteorologgst
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emily gracey is here with your skywatch forrcast. forecast. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is now available aa foxbaltimore dottcom. use the interactive tools to track coming ssorms down tt your street. go to foxbaltimore doo com slaah i-radar
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3 a selfless actt of bravery saves 12 liies and the heroism that earned thii man the military's highest honor. even personal ffiends at work, friends shut the doors. doors. thousands of people here are hurting just &plike ernie. coming up in tonight's coverrstory, the radical ways a job coaah is showing him that could help searching. if you're one of the millionss
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of americans who are out of work.... you knnw how tough it ii to get back in the . gamm.... but in tonnghts 'reinvention thelma gutierrez 3 psecialist'....who just may have the right tipssto get you back to work. work. 33 &p3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 &p3 3 3 americanndream. he owned a homee drove a mercedes and had a greattjob, untillhe as laid off i'm ernie casillas, i'm a former mortgage broker and i've been uneeployed ffr 3 3 years, he ssys he's tried just about everything to reinvent himself. t, youth counselor, even jewelry maker. i'm eei expert and i'm here to help ernie get a great we're going to hold her feet to the fire to see if she gett the job done. he's sent out resumes, he's been
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innerviiwing and interviewing. advertising on craigslist. but &pwhat's he doing wrong? well, the old paradigm doesn't ork anymoreethat's because jobs are few and competttion iss tight. so ernie has to wants the job. part of what we're going to be be doing s for you to get an absolute clear vision of where you want to be. but it's tough. he's been out of work for three years. even personnl friends at work, in the past, high school frrends shut the doors. they think that beccuse i ask for money. first step to - one. personal transformation. he is going to reinvent how he approaches getting a guess what, you're goinggto be going on a diet. i've already, diet.. i've lost 20 pounds. no, no no. you'rr
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going to go on diet of all the naysayerssii your life. ever since he had to move in with his mothee, ernie admits it's been tough it's like nothing but negative stuff staating me! but i'm not going to say any names.guess what? they don't get to taak to youufor the next month.yes.none of them. none of them. none of them. no more bbqs. step two: networking . looking for a job on no, i don't even have profile. oh my osh. networking is he key way americans are getting errie. wann you to burn your resume. sending a normal resume today is like playing an eight track. we're going to do some very outside of the box pieces. we may start a
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blog aboutthow much you want to wook there. eli is confident she can put eenie back in the driver's seat if he doesn't look back.i want you to try to drive to the stop sign only looking into your rear view mirror. how far do you thhnkkyou're going to get?first of all, i cannt get &pout.we'll check back again in 30 days.a tip from eli. she work. don't ttll people you - areeunemployed and looking for a job. she says tell them that you're looking for a great new ppportunity. we'll checkkback see if eli issable to turn hii fortunate around. thelma gutierrez, cnn los angeles. 3 3 "he went to defend his pountry, that was immortant to , him, a mariie saves 12 lives and brings his friends home. the heroic act that deserves highest honors. p it's the spyder and t wants to make you itsy-bitsy.
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revolutionize weight loss. 3 3- [ male announcer ] want a better way to track what you spend? pnc virtual wallet now comes with spending zone. it organizes all your spending, including your pnc debit card, credit card, and your bills. so you can view them by category... or by month. you can set a budget... and it'll even alert you when you're getting close to the amount you've set -- and when you've gone over. spending zone is built to help you keep better track of your spending. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. soon the maryland tate
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fairgrounds will be full of the sounds of summer. summer. fair starts on august 26th and runs through september 5. p foo45 is the proud media sponsor of the state fair. fair. selena gomez perforrs friday, august 26tt, fox 45 night at thh faar. blake shelton performs satuuday, september 3rd, anddall time lowwwill play sunday september fourth. 3& we're giving you a chance to the stars. starting monday... go to our facebook page ... and click on "inside ffo45" on the left side of your screen ... four tiikets to see "selena gomez" in concert.. and a mmet her in person. no one gets left behind. a marine illlbe the next man to receive the miiitaay's highest honoo. honor. sergeant dakota meyer, a marine scout sniper brought uncommon valor to the battlefield. while surriving ambushed by the taliban. he
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15 injured afghan soldiers and brrng back the bodies of four fallen americans. 3 &p "the price that was paid for that it's nnt for me, if it was for me i might use it, but it's not for me, it's for the guys that died and their families and for the people fighting you know" know" the 23-year-old is froo columbia, kentucky. it's hard to beat a cup of ccffee n the morning... especially when its free... carrie eirce explains... in tonight's word on the web. web. this week... one man is coffee ... well... actually he's treating few thousand jonathan stark .... posted his starbucks card on the internet.... offfring a free cup to anyone who wants it... all you have to do is dowload the picture to your phone.... then use the barccde tt buy evennhas a facebook page...and twiter acccunt... whhcc updates every time it's used. and those who are feeling ccrd. it's part f a social
10:40 pm see what happens when people pay it forward... so far...the card has racked up 10-thousand dollars... in transactions.... sounds llke a good deal... but not everyone's buying it. critics are calling it a marketing ploy for starbucks... starbucks...both the company and stark.. have deniee those allegations. i'm carrie peirce aad that'' your word on the web. 3 we have an updaae tonight, starbucks has emporarily shutdown he card. ttey say concept for a much bigggr - coffee eechange program so stay tuned... 3 "this is the spyder instrument that want's to make you itsy &pbitsy. we put the sppder to merlot, shiraz take your pick. a big market for american grapes and of course wine. the new milesttne that americans achieved. theee's a new product crawling
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all over the country trying to make people skinny. it's called the spyder surgery. but is it a dietary deal or a dud? megan gilland has the c. call. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3- 3 &pit's the stuff thht makes you "the pastas he macaronis the
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chips the bbead."but this dentist isn't all smiles. dr. martin ays: "i got high blood pressure, high cholesterol sleep apnea - depression is probably associated with ii." now, there's a new spin on the weight loss's cclled spyder surgery.similar to lap band surgery...dr. jessee &psays: "this is the spyder instrument allowing us to do incision."but it claims to one untangle sooe of the issues involved with implanting a lap band.dr. jessee says: "it's port of liie eating spaghetti with chop stix - you're haads are crossed."but will ttis dentiss bite?we put spyder surgery to the will it work test.theespyder's got triangle the lappband through a five centimeter opeeing.dr. jessee says: "the spyder instrument allows you to get in a more relaxed position. and not cross your hands and get the job done much easier."ii ssems
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band tightennng) áandá recovery time.(nats - dentist office). in just one week, this dentist wassback at the &poffice...dr. martin says: "i've got energy noo and i can actually sit in chairs..."and the results just get better with ttme.dr. martin says: "i've lost fifty pounds."dr. martin says: "and six inches dr. martii ssas: "my ffngers ??- are even getting smalllr"" laughs for more information on spyder surgery, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash news liiks. mg fox 45 news late the economy may be in the dumps, but it appears wine lovers are noo parting with tteir pinot.... pinot.... vineyards in this country are ringing up record salls... hard times haae forced wineries to lower prices and that has increased their market. the latest numbers phow that, for the first time, the u-s surpassed the french in wine consumption... 3 .no hat's ot derrick mason...why the ravens new receiver is excited to come to baltimore... next in sports
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it's one of he most beautiful imaggs nasa has found in the co.
10:49 pm
exclamation point galaxies. - nasa sayy you're seeing two galaxies slooly colliding with eacc other to form thh photos were captured by hubble. the two galaxiesswill eventually become one in a process that takes millions of years. 3 .the newest member of the ravens met with the media today. today... .morran adsit joins us wiih the aarival of lee evans in sports unlimited... morgan... morgan... cooing up tonight on sports unl. unlimited...lee evans on the ppactice field for the first time as a raven...his initial impression of his new teaa.... anquan boldin is now the anchor of the receiving corps...what does he think of the evans trade and the rrokie wide outs???...find out as i go 1-on-1 with "q"....and why blake davis speeds arounn the bases after his first career home run....sports unlimittd startssright now... number 88 is back

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